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Recent Monthly Competition Winners
Print competition - August 2016
First Place & Print of the Month
Zooming in on spike man.
Stan Chism
First Place
Sunrise over Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
Jim Colton
First Place
Another One? We're Already Freezing!
Susan Diederichsen
First Place
Regular and Irregular Patterns.
Stan Chism
Judges’ Choice: Our Best 2015 Images
Annual Competition 2015
Outside My Window
Jennifer Fraser
Maasai Shepard Guards His Flock
Scott Marmer
Jan Cheung
Outdoor Photographer Magazine
Jennifer Fraser

Jennifer Fraser's image of the Mesquite Dunes in Death Valley was just published in Outdoor Photographer Magazine's annual Black-and-White issue (see accompanying photo of the magazine).

Jennifer, still enjoying her "15 minutes of fame ...", had this to say:

"Here's the original text for the Outdoor Photographer article! What other members might find of interest is that the editor contacted me (first time that ever happened!) saying she "came across your image 'Dune Waves' in our magazine's online gallery and would like to feature it in the Behind The Shot section of our August 2016 Black-and-White special issue."

I guess the takeaway is that it's good to get one's images out on the web. Even if they don't win prizes; someone might see them!"

Below is the text accompanying the image in the magazine.

“Desert Waves”  by Jennifer Fraser - Mesquite Dunes, Death Valley National Park, California (This image may be viewed on Jennifer's personal web gallery at:  http://jenniferfraser.zenfolio.com/p250523926/h11bc04a8#h11bc04a8
"Right light, right place, right equipment, right settings - how many of these conditions ever happen by chance? When all come together by luck, it really seems like magic. That wasn’t the case with this image, however; this was an image I “stalked”.

To prepare for this image, I planned a trip to Mesquite Dunes near Stovepipe Wells in midweek of early Spring, hoping I’d avoid the crowds. The afternoon before the shot, I drove by the dunes to figure out where I should park the next morning, since I knew it would be dark, and how long it would take to drive from my campsite in order to get there at least an hour before dawn to hike out and set up. I drove back, checked the chart for sunrise time and set my alarm clock.

The next early morning I pocketed my Rocket Air Blaster* in case of blowing sand and headed out. I drove to the site counting the miles, parked, turned on my headlamp and walked out in the direction of the dunes. The only factor I hadn’t accounted for was the difficulty of trudging up dunes in deep sand for half a mile, but I certainly was alone! Fortunately, a wind had come up the previous night, blowing away many of the footprints, and as the predawn light seeped into the sky, the ridges in the sand began to appear in deep shadow.

I set up my tripod and discovered that the lower the tripod, the more dramatic the ridges showed. Focusing a third of the way into the distance to maximize depth of field, I began shooting, making sure to bracket the shots. Every minute the changing light created new angles, new shadows, new compositions, and I was dizzy with the possibilities. When the sun came over the mountain, the parking lot began to fill up, as hikers and photographers flooded in. That was OK - I was packing up by then.

It was certainly one of the most magical photographic experiences I’ve had. The shots required very little post-processing in Photoshop: converting to black and white, adjusting the shadows for a true black …a nd deciding whether or not to keep the tiny rock in the shadow on the left. I kept it."
Equipment: Nikon d800, AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm@24mm, f2.8 ED, f11,1/60, ISO 125

*Rocket Air Blaster

Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara
Elaine Heron
As winner of Best of Show in the Triton Museum of Art’s 2014 Statewide Photography Competition & Exhibition, member Elaine Heron will have a solo exhibit of her  "PolarScapes" prints at the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara from August 27 to November 6.  The reception is Fri Sept 16, from 6-8 PM. This photography exhibit presents the diversity and beauty of a frozen world in both its grandeur and exquisite detail.   Included are majestic icebergs adrift in the sea and close-up detail of ice formations that suggest other worldly life. More information can be found at http://www.tritonmuseum.org/exhibitions_heron.php
Peninsula Jewish Community Center, Foster City
Judy Kramer
Two of member Judy Kramer’s images were accepted into the 2016 Peninsula Jewish Community Center art show. The exhibit will run July 14--September 25 at 800 Foster City Boulevard, Foster City. The reception and final awards presentation will be held there on Sunday, July 31, 2--4 PM.
AAvenidas Rose Kleiner Center
Avenidas Rose Kleiner Senior Day Center

The Avenidas Rose Kleiner Center provides adult day care for seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, strokes or other chronic conditions. The Executive Director of the Center is Tom Pamilla, a long time friend of the Palo Alto Camera Club. Tom believed that his patients would benefit from art on the walls of the Center and requested that the Camera Club have some of its members display some of their photographs at the Center. Several members now have their photographs on display and Tom reports that the patients find the displays interesting and uplifting. Tom is very appreciative of PACC providing art for his patients. In addition to being able to display your work, this is also an opportunity to help bring some joy to the patients at the Center. The patients are at the Center until 2:30 every weekday. Therefore we have access to the Center from 2:30 to 5:00 every weekday to hang photographs or to bring visitors to see our photographs. If you would like to exhibit at the Rose Kleiner Center, contact Jim Colton.