Bay Area Senior Games

Field Trip on Saturday, 10 March, 2012
With Caroline Lambert
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Image by Caroline Lambert


The Bay Area Senior Games is an annual event held at Stanford and other nearby locations in the spring of each year. Athletes must be 50 or over and can compete in a variety of sports, with events spread out over several weekends. We will focus on the events being held at Stanford on March 10 with swimming, waterpolo, soccer, and basketball on Saturday, and if there is interest, come back on Sunday for track&field, soccer, and water polo.

In order to participate in this event, each photographer must sign a waiver of liability and agree to wear an official photography vest to identify themselves. The list of participants from the club must be turned in two weeks before the event, so if you want to come, you must sign up by Feb 24.

Information about the senior games: 
Bay Area Senior Games

In return for permission to attend the Games as photographers, the organizers would like us to share some of the photos for use on their web site.

If anyone particularly wants to photograph an event on another weekend, we will need to make arrangements with the event organizers.

Special Instructions

Tentative plan:

The current tentative plan will be to meet at the volunteer check-in booth at 7:45am to pick up our credentials. Once everyone is checked in, we will move to the Avery Aquatics Center for the swimming and waterpolo events, since these start first. Next we will go to the soccer fields, and lastly to basketball. There is no strict timeline; it will depend on people's interests.

If the weather is not good, there is some shelter at the pool, and the basketball is indoors.

Meeting place:

PAC 10 Plaza outside the pool complex, at the end of Nelson Rd, behind the football stadium. From the El Camino/Embarcadero intersection, take Galvez towards campus and turn left on Nelson Rd. Parking is likely to be in the dirt lot by the stadium, accessible from Nelson Rd, but that still needs to be confirmed. A campus map can be found here.

What to Bring

- Camera gear including filters, extra memory or film, and charged batteries
- Tripod
- Long lenses for sports shots, mid range for capturing the atmosphere.
- Concession stands will be available, but you can bring your own snacks too.
- It could be wet and cold, or warmish and sunny, so dress accordingly.
- Sun protection, such as a sun hat and sunscreen.
- Good walking shoes

Field Trip meeting location: PAC 10 Plaza, palo alto at 7:45AM PT
(no carpool meeting location for this trip)


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