Lassen National Park

Field Trip on 13 & 14 August, 2011
With Hilari Hardin
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image by Laurie Naiman


This is an overnight field trip to Lassen National Park. Photographically this trip should be great for Mountain landscapes, potential wildflowers, and possible wildlife.

Location: Lassen National Park

Photos by the NPS
Flickr photos

Itinerary: TBD - an itinerary will be sent closer to the date to those who have signed up.

Special Instructions

Lodging Information: We'll be staying in Chester which is south of the park. Chester offers a wide variety of lodging options from B & Bs to Motels. Chester also offers important amenities such as gas and food. 
Please make your own arrangements for lodging.

Chester Hotels

What to Bring

- Camera gear including filters, extra memory or film, and charged batteries
- Tripod
- Long lenses for wildlife, mid range for landscape, and macro lenses for flowers or insects
- Water
- Snacks such as trailmix and power bars
- Layered clothing, a warm jacket, consider a warm hat, and gloves
- Sun protection, such as a sun hat and sunscreen.
- Hiking boots or solid walking shoes

[A] Carpool meeting location: Palo Alto Art Center 1313 Newell Road Palo Alto, CA 94303 at TBD
[B] Field Trip meeting location: Chester, CA at June 17th in Chester, CA at 8 PM PT

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