Coyote Hills Landscape Photography

Field Trip on Sunday, 26 July, 2015
With Ed Nunez
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Ed Nunez will be leading a hands-on landscape photography field trip on July 26, 2015 at the Coyote Hills Regional Park, Fremont, California.

Here is a link to information on Coyote Hills Regional Park, Fremont:

Ed will bring sample images for inspiration. He will share and discuss different ways to photograph a landscape.

You can preview Ed's award-winning images at:


In addition: Ed will also stay after 7 p.m. to provide assistance in the taking of sunset photos.

There is no pre-requisite -- anyone with a camera ranging from a camera phone to a high-end professional equipment will be able to have fun and enjoy the image making process.

Wear your name tags so we can also learn who's who :-)

More about Ed Nunez

  • Was born and raised in Venezuela
  • Specializes in crafting portraits of places
  • "Depicts nature beyond the obvious, charged with emotions, and the feeling of Zen and tranquility of being in the outdoors"
  • Instructor on landscape photography in the Palo Alto Camera Club's Nature Photography Class

What to Bring

It is encouraged to bring a few accessories:
  • If you have an SLR camera, bring your lenses, long lens and a tripod (and optionally, some filters)
  • If you do not have an SLR camera, you can bring a camera phone or a small camera
  • Bring some water to drink

Field Trip meeting location: Coyote Hills Regional Park, 8000 Patterson Ranch Road, Fremont, CA 94555 at 4:00PM
(no carpool meeting location for this trip)


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Paula Bertucci
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I am waiting to hear from a friend that I want to bring, Her name is Kallie McConnan...her Grandmother and I were friends till she passed away and her Grandmother was a wonderful photographer...I know she would enjoy this.
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I look forward to learning from Ed.
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Anyone wishing to carpool from Sunnyvale?
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I am a new member. First field trip.
2015-07-11 00:02:41

Images from the field trip

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