Hands-on green screen studio photography

Field Trip on Friday, 18 September, 2015 5:30-9:00 PM
With Bart Selby
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Fun experience learning how to take studio images on green screen



Friday September 18, 5:30 pm to 9:00pm


Palo Alto Art Center
1313 Newell Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303

The occasion

The Palo Alto Art Center regularly organizes theme-based art exhibits.

The opening of the new exhibits is usually accompanied by a special party called "Friday Night at the Art Center" -  busy social and fun events open and free to the public and feature music, drinks, food and live art projects.

For the past few years the Palo Alto Camera Club has run a creative photo booth project during these opening nights, taking photos of the visitors in a pre-defined 'green screen' setup, enabling extraction of subject from the green background into another more exotic  one provided by the Photoshop templates.  The resulting images are then emailed to the respective visitors, and also posted to a Flickr gallery on the web.

Program description

For about 3 hours, PACC members will have the opportunity to practice the following studio and post-production photography aspects on a real life project:

  • Studio lighting and portraiture
  • Green screen techniques
  • Photoshop production using templates and green screen plugin
  • Managing a photography workflow for about 40 people

Click on image to see details
Image from a previous green screen booth run by PACC members

A theme is first defined to match that of the event organized by the Art Center. Previous themes included "Hear This" (audio related), "I'll show you mine" (family portraiture), etc.

For the theme "Hear This", the PACC members re-created the iconic "Blown away" Maxell commercial from the 80s.


The process consisted in offering the visitors a few visual options, taking their portrait in a setting similar to the original commercial on a green screen background and then compositing the final image in Photoshop. The image was produced and emailed to the visitor the same evening.



The following video shows the steps and the outcome

Why participate?

It's a fun event, great for learning special portraiture and Photoshop editing in a green screen workflow. Other benefits include:

  • a  great way to get to know each other and work together on a common photo project
  • a great community project, inspiring visitors with the possibilities of photography and giving the PACC some favorable exposure.

How to participate?

The project requires the following activities:

  •  Booth hosts
    • welcome the visitors to the booth
    • explain what's going on
    • answer possible questions about the club (all marketing material is provided)
    • get them to fill in the consent form with their photo options
  • Photographer assistants
    • learn about setting up the camera
    • learn about setting up the lighting
    • learn about setting up the green screen
    • position the subjects
    • help them to pose and and feel comfortable in the setup
    • move the memory cards from the camera to the Photoshop operators and back to the photographer
    • all equipment is provided by the producer/director (member Bart Selby)
  • Photoshop editors
    • get the image from the memory card
    • insert the photo into the Photoshop template, customize options based on visitor choices on the form, re-touch as needed
    • save and email image to visitor (email provided on the form)
    • Photoshop template and process are provided
    • need to bring a laptop computer with recent version of Photoshop
    • training will be available before the event

Let's do it!

The next program theme is "Frontyard/Backstreet", the details are still being worked on.

Please sign up below and indicate in the comment field which activity you prefer (per above description):

  • Booth host
  • Photographer assistant
  • Photoshop editor

Field Trip meeting location: Palo Alto Art Center 1313 Newell Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303 at 6:00pm
(no carpool meeting location for this trip)


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Bob Henderson
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Photographer assistant
2015-09-15 15:26:38
Stephen M.
Is coming
I'm volunteering my unskilled labor.
2015-09-14 15:03:50
Greg Sargent
Is coming
2015-09-07 07:34:54
Pearl Chow
Is coming
Photo. Asst.
2015-08-22 15:34:22
Is coming
2015-08-20 14:45:32
Richard Eggers
Is coming
I would like to volunteer as a photographer's assistant. Would I be splitting time with other volunteers? I cannot stand for that length of time.
2015-08-20 12:43:34
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