Maker Faire

Field Trip on Saturday, 21 May, 2016
With Richard Mirabella
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MAKER FAIRE is an event like no other.  

  • It is based on the "Maker Movement," the idea of human creativity in crafts, art, sculpture, engineering, fashion and more.  

  • Think of MAKER FAIRE as Burning Man meets a craft fair.  

  • MAKER FAIRE is BIG.  Last year's 2 day Maker Faire had 1,200+ maker
    entries; 145,000+ attendees; 95+ sponsors

  • This is a great opportunity to try out or expand your "Street Photography" skills.  The people at MAKER FAIRE, exhibit to get recognition for what they created and for themselves.  For most  exhibitors, having photographers wanting to photograph what they created and what they created with them in the photo will make their day - that is why they are exhibiting. 

Website for Maker Faire is 

To attend Maker Faire you will need to buy tickets, and they are much cheaper to purchase in advance.  In addition, I think it is likely that tickets will be sold out so buying tickets early is advised.  I recommend buying the Single Day Pass Advance Adult which costs $37.92 ($35 plus $2.92 transaction fee)

Take the time to see photos from past MAKER FAIRES

Important Items to know:
  • As the event will have about 150,000 people attending over 3 days, it can get crowded and finding a place to sit for a while may be
    difficult unless you sit on the grass or improvise.  

  • There can be quite a bit of walking, as the event is spread out over a large area and there are many things to see and

  • No tripods, no monopods and it is best to travel light.  Backpacks are permitted.

  • While we may go to this event in a few groups, I expect that most people will either break up into small groups, or pairs or tour
    independently due to crowds and different people finding different things interesting.

  • The event does not permit attendees to bring in their own food, and you can only bring one bottle of water.  Of course there will be many food and drink vendors at the event.


I will be organizing car pools and train pools, so we can travel in several groups.

Going to the event at the San Mateo Event Center can be done on Caltrains by going to the Hillsdale station and then walking 3/5 mile to the event center.  Many will find this the most convenient option.

Going by car is also an option, and I will organize carpools.  This may be the best option for those who error on the side of bringing too much and like the idea of dropping off equipment or getting equipment from the car

Field Trip meeting location: 37.547708, -122.301693 at
(no carpool meeting location for this trip)


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