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Contributed by: Bob Stillerman on 7 Feb, 2016
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Philippe testing

Contributed by: Philippe Cailloux on 28 Mar, 2016
Is this the content? Can I add images? 258HDA

Second tip

Contributed by: Philippe Cailloux on 28 Mar, 2016
here is the content
Tips on image capture

Tips on Floral Close-up Photography

Contributed by: Laurie Naiman on 18 Feb, 2016

Comment posted by: Laurie Naiman on 23 Feb, 2016
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Slides from: "Lightroom Tips & Tricks I" (Dan Hartford, 4/27/2016)

Contributed by: Dan Hartford on 21 Jul, 2016
Slide deck from Dan Hartford's presentation:    "LIGHTROOM TIPS & TRICK I"  Presented April 27th 2016.