Prints by PACC Members Accepted into the Pacific Art League’s Exhibit “Works on Paper”

The following member(s):
Judy Doherty, Judy Kramer, Deborah Plumley, Elaine Heron

Were featured at:
Pacific Art League, 668 Ramona Street

Friday, 2 February, 2018

  February 2nd - March 22nd
Reception: February 2nd

Prints by Members:
Judy Doherty  (Allium Mosaic, 9 Oranges of Fresno, Homage to Cezanne, Winter Fruit Tableau)
Judy Kramer (Angles and Lines, Mangrove Reflection, Peacock 3D, and Oregon Maple)
Deborah Plumley (Stained Glass Leaves)
Elaine Heron (Mt Cook, Balloons Over Bagan)

were accepted into the Pacific Art League's Exhibit "Works on Paper' at the Pacific Art  , 668 Ramona Street, Palo Alto. Free parking across Bryant St in the City of Palo Alto garage.

Deborah Plumley (Stained Glass Leaves)
Judy Kramer (Angles and Lines)
Judy Doherty  (Allium Mosaic)

Judy Doherty  (9 Oranges of Fresno)

Judy Doherty  (Homage to Cezanne)

Judy Doherty  (Winter Fruit Tableau)