Oral History Project

With Stevenson House
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Community Project
with Stevenson House

2010 - 2011

Stevenson House has been an affordable residence facility for Seniors in Palo Alto since 1968.

In response to a request from the Executive Director of Stevenson House in 2010, three members of the Palo Alto Camera Club (PACC) (Leonard Brzezinski, Bill Jackson and Charlene Yoshizu) volunteered to photograph resident Seniors for an Oral History project.

The project spanned four months and involved photographing about twenty-five residents in individual sessions.  Stevenson House and each resident that was photographed were provided with multiple images of each photo session. Sample portraits are shown below. Overall, It was a very enjoyable project for the photographers and was well received by all at Stevenson House.

Photographer: Bill Jackson Photographer: Bill Jackson Photographer: Charlene Yoshizu

The success of this project has lead to a continuing involvement of the PACC with Stevenson House. A gallery of members' photography has been established in the facility's dining hall. Also, at least one and perhaps more photography presentations will be made by PACC members to the residents.

Members interested in participating in this project may contact our club liaison Bill Jackson: wjackson115 AT comcast DOT net


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