PACC Community Exhibits at Stevenson House: Showcasing member prints at a local retirement community

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Origin: Our club's association with Stevenson House began in 2009 when Stevenson House Executive Director Tom Pamilla approached the Palo Alto Camera Club with a request for camera club members to photograph Stevenson House residents for an oral history  project they were working on. Leonard Brzezinski, Charlene Yoshizu and Bill Jackson volunteered and, over a period of several months, photographed about twenty-five residents.  It was an enjoyable experience for all concerned, and led to Stevenson House asking the club if it would be interested in setting up a club gallery in the residence dining hall.

Purpose:  Use photographic art of our club members to provide visual interest and intellectual stimulation to residents of a local retirement community . Members are encouraged to select images that fit into a unified theme or portfolio that might be of interest to the residents.

PlaceStevenson House is an affordable senior living community at 455 E Charleston Road, Palo Alto (MAP). Parking is available in the lot at the Unitarian Church just east off Charleston. There is a bridge connecting the two areas.

Exhibit Area: The prints are exhibited on one wall of the main dining area. There is sufficient space to accommodate about eight 16x20 inch framed prints (or more smaller prints), along with a smaller framed document showing an artist's statement and brief biography of the photographer. (see photo, taken during Ira Greenberg's presentation on Nov 9, 2012).

Duration of Exhibit: approximately 3 months.

Opening Reception: On a Saturday afternoon soon after the exhibit is mounted, the member is encouraged to give a brief (about 30 minutes) informal presentation aimed at residents, describing the subject of the exhibit, and providing any related information that might be of interest to the audience. Club members are invited to attend. The residence usually provides light refreshments.

Past/Current Exhibits

  • Bill Jackson, Leonard Brzezinski: images from their portfolios
  • Charlene Yoshizu: "Study of a Tea Ceremony Whisk"
  • Judy Kramer: "California Wildflower Portraits"
  • Srividya Narasimhan: "Trees"
  • Vardan Aroustamian: "Life Still, and Not Still at All"
  • Ira Greenberg: "Portraits" (people, animals)
  • Philippe Cailloux: "REAL{it}IS"
  • Laurie Naiman:  "My Photographic Life in Death Valley"
  • Alex Greenwood: "Small Town Rodeos and the Spirit of the Old West"
  • Jim Colton: “Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar”
  • Judy Kramer: Wildflower Pollinators (February - April 2014)
  • Robert Adler: (May - July 2014)
  • Dan Hartford: "The People of Peru" (August - October 2014)
  • Jim Colton (November 2014 - January 2015)
  • H. Dogus Akaydin: "Child Portraits" (February - April 2015)
  • Joe Petolino: "Wildlife of the Galápagos" (October - December 2017)

Upcoming Exhibits

  • TBD

Others interested in showing their work may contact current coordinator Jim Colton at james DOT colton10 AT gmail DOT com


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