Photographer or Artist?

With Susanne Karlak
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Special Program
with Susanne Karlak

Wednesday, 28 May, 2014

7:30pm at the Lucy Evans Palo Alto Baylands Nature Center

“Photographer or Artist?” Explore ways to create “painterly” images with Susanne Karlak, fine art photographer, Saratoga, CA

Your style:
Think about your own style …where are you on the continuum of abstract art to technically perfect exposures. Do you prefer sharp or soft focus? Realism or abstraction? What are your personal favorite subject? Why? What do you enjoy about those subjects?

Most important for me as a presenter is that you enjoy the presentation! So, sit back and let me entertain you!

I also want you to gain some new ideas. To make that a possibility, I will discuss how I use:

1. Multiple Exposures,
2. Motion Photography
3. Slow Shutter Speed
4. Open Aperture (fast shutter speed)
5. Post Processing in Photoshop
6. Selecting Inherently Painterly Subjects.

Each of these six topics will be followed by photographs using the technique.

Susanne Karlak is an award-winning Bay Area fine art photographer who specializes in close, intimate views of her subjects, which range from tiny wildflowers to architectural designs. Her compositions often resemble paintings with bold, bright colors. She focuses on the details, looking for a unique and striking view. The camera allows her to share her vision with others.
Her photos can be found on her website at


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