Beyond Megapixels: The Future of Computational Imaging in Mobile Devices

With Pelican Imaging
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Special Program
with Pelican Imaging

Wednesday, 25 June, 2014

7:30pm at the Lucy Evans Palo Alto Baylands Nature Center

When will your camera be as smart as your phone? Going beyond simple megapixel count, what else can consumers expect from cameras in their mobile devices?
Pelican Imaging, a Mountain View-based startup, has developed a super-thin array camera that is enabling a new generation of image and video capture.  Depth-based photography, along with extreme low-light sensitivity and ultra-fast shooting, will maximize image quality and drive consumers toward the ability to capture “the perfect picture” every time. Advances in computational imaging are changing the user experience with the ability to refocus after the fact, select multiple objects of focus, create a depth map and 3D model, all on the mobile device.
Here are some videos explaining the concepts of depth-based photography but Pelican Imaging will be discussing the evolution happening in photography and also bring demo equipment so you can see how their cameras allow you to refocus after the fact.


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