A Creative Journey

With Parish Kohanim
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Special Program
with Parish Kohanim

Wednesday, 28 October, 2015
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Lucie Stern Theater
1305 Middlefield Rd.
Palo Alto, CA 94301

7:30 PM to 9:30 PM (PDT)

Parish will take you on a journey, exploring his diverse and striking body of work, composed of his award-winning commercial assignments, stunning painterly-style portraits, landscapes and his fine art imagery.   For Parish,  the heart and soul of his photography is  that of an artist and what inspires and motivates his creative process is the focus of what he will share with you during his presentation.

Parish will be discussing the importance of proper composition, unconventional lighting, techniques for creating dynamic visual impact and getting the most naturally posed portraits.  Throughout his presentation, he will point out and share some simple and fresh techniques and tips on how to make your pictures stand out from the crowd.  He will take you behind the scenes of some of his major assignments and discuss his approach and methodology for making any assignment or shot a success.  Embracing the trends of our technological advancements and change, Parish will show you his experimental videos that resulted in new assignments. He also shares his philosophy and his passion about the ART of photography.  His presentations are educational, as well as inspirational with a focus on finding the beauty that surrounds us in our own environment and having the vision to expand one’s personal horizons.

Parish will give you unparalleled access, revealing his production methods for his most unique and up-coming book “Luminosa” with Cirque du Soleil’s extraordinary performers, which has taken five years to complete.  These one-of-a kind shots are taken at 1/5000 sec., hence the “frozen moments” of their spectacular performances.

Recognized internationally for his superb imagery, imaginative lighting and a truly artistic approach that focuses on the beauty that inspires him.   So whether you shoot portraits, weddings or landscapes, this is a must-see presentation that will help enhance your creativity and vision.



Parish Kohanim has been a commercial photographer for over 30 years and in 2004 opened his own Fine Art Gallery in Atlanta.  He has been a Canon “Explorer of Light” since l994 when the program was initiated worldwide.  Parish served on an APPLE Advisory Board for the development of Aperture Software and he is an X-RITE Coloratti Master.  He gives presentations, seminars and workshops throughout the United States and abroad and has done so for many years.   Parish is the recipient of dozens of awards over the years for his commercial work on major ad campaigns for many Fortune 500 companies.  His ads have appeared in numerous national magazines, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Times and many others throughout his career.   He was named one of the “World’s Top 100 Photographers” in 2011, 2012 and 2013 by GRAPHIS.

Parish’s work has been featured on the cover of Graphis Nudes, Communication Arts, Professional Photographer, Digital Photo Pro several times along with featured articles about Parish’s work.  In June of 2013 some of Parish’s Fine Art images were part of an exhibit of American artists shown at the Taylor Foundation in Paris and are now in a permanent collection in Barbizon, FR.   Parish has been collaborating with Cirque du Soleil performers, shooting them performing and celebrating the beauty and astonishing capabilities of the human form.  The result will be a unique coffee table book showcasing these amazing artists in stunning black and white imagery.

Parish has an insatiable desire to explore and expand his artistic horizons and he remains true to his approach to simplicity and to the visual dialogue that is intuitive and innate.



Sponsored by Canon, Explorers of Light

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