With Philippe Cailloux
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Special Program
with Philippe Cailloux

Wednesday, 22 June, 2016

Composition is a core aspect of the art of photography. It is through composition that our images express their singular appeal and interest.

Yet, when it comes to learning about composition, it's hard to get actionable guidance beyond the anecdotal judges feedback, blog posts, books and peer conversations which tend to gravitate around the usual suspects: rule of third and other cropping techniques.

During the last survey, most members asked to learn more about composition. I still have many questions myself about composition and thought it would be a good opportunity to step back and look into it maybe from a different angle, taking a more holistic yet hands-on and down-to-earth approach. What if we were to look into composition as a skill and not a technique?

On Wednesday, June 22, I'll try to explore and share with you some thoughts to make images more appealing and more interesting. I'll start with an empty canvas, bring in a dot and a few more. I'll talk about salmon and asparagus, door handles and door bells. I'll propose some simple exercises to develop your creative imagination and put the rule of third at rest. And of course, to cover the full spectrum and reach the nirvana of composition, I'll tap into the field of ontology to discuss how composition can be used to challenge the illusion of reality.

I composed this presentation for both beginners and advanced photographers.

I hope it will be a fun (and useful) presentation and hope to see you all there!


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Thanks for putting this together. I'm looking forward to this program.
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Very much looking forward to this presentation by Philippe!
2016-06-14 11:03:54
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Looks like I have to come too... :-)
2016-06-13 12:06:17
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I might bring a guest if that's ok.
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2016-06-12 09:22:04
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