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March 11 - April 21, 2017

Images / Place Memory

A group exhibition of photographs by Members of the Palo Alto Camera Club

What are the places that speak to us most cogently? What personal histories are disclosed by images of familiarity and home, and how do emotional states emerge when we return to these sites in memory?

Do images of place tie human experience together in a kind of collective memory? T. S. Eliot suggested that the "objective correlative" of place is all around us as sensory experience which, once understood, is expressed as a larger theme through collectively held emotions. Will these photographs embody a resonantly shared place memory, or will they prompt different memories that are sparked by the nuances that visually comprise your own experience?

Avenue 25 Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition of selected images by members of the Palo Alto Camera Club. The contributing photographers include Dogus Akaydin, Federica Armstrong, Marco Berliocchi, Leonard Brzezinski, Stan Chism, Bob Carlin, Jim Colton, Judy Doherty, Jennifer Fraser, Dan Hartford, Elaine Heron, Ilene Hertz, Judy Kramer, Nadine Levin, Laurie Naiman, Richard Mirabella, Joe Petolino, Deborah Plumley, Branko Radonjic and Dan Quinn.

The opening reception will take place at Avenue 25 Gallery on Saturday, March 11th, 1 to 4pm.

Avenue 25 Gallery 32 West 25th Avenue, 2nd Floor San Mateo CA 94403

For those who did not attend the opening reception, the gallery is on display until the 21st of April, Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.


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