Upcoming Summer PACC Member Print Exhibition June to July Enter By May 25

With Jim Colton
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Print Exhibition
with Jim Colton

Thursday, 11 May, 2017

Call for Entries
PACC Print Exhibition
Palo Alto Art Center
June 9 through July 12, 2017


· This is an ideal exhibition for those who have not exhibited prints before.
· Entry period is May 11 through May 25, 2017.
· You will be notified as to which of your images are accepted by ~May 27.
· Deliver your prints to the Art Center on Thursday June 8 from 6:00 to 8:00.
· There will be an artists’ reception on Saturday June10 3:00 – 5:00 pm.
· Pick up your prints on Wednesday July 12 at the club competition.
· You may enter up to four images with priority assigned from 1 to 4.
· Enter digital versions of your images through the PACC website just as for competitions; entries open May 11.
· You are guaranteed to have at least one image accepted.
· Minimum print size is 8 x 10 inches.
· Prints must be matted but no frames are required or accepted for this exhibition. Also, use only the mat and its backing but no backing board.
· Use white or off-white mats whose outside width and height must be between 11 and 20 inches.
· Entries must specify only outside dimensions of your mat.

In connection with the Palo Alto Art Center’s Summer of Photography, The Palo Alto Camera Club will hold a print exhibition of members’ works at the Art Center, 1313 Newell Road. To encourage members to participate that have not previously exhibited prints, this exhibit will:

1. Give priority to those who have not exhibited before (details below).
2. Not require the expense and hassle of frames.
3. Require a minimum print size of only 8 x 10 inches.

We anticipate showing between 50 and 60 prints. In an effort to allow the most members to participate, the only requirement on image content is that it be family friendly.

Members will first upload up to four digital images of prints they would like to show and will assign a priority from 1 to 4 to each of their images. Uploading will be through the PACC website similar to entries for our competitions. During the period of May 11 through May 25, select Current Exhibition under MY PACC. For each of your images, enter the title, the priority and the outside dimensions of your mat.

We will allocate wall space based on your input for mat size in inches, so make sure you enter mat size exactly as in the following example: if your mat is 20 inches wide and 16 inches high, the correct way to enter the dimensions is

20W x 16H

Here are some incorrect ways to enter your mat sizes, all of which were tried at the CSMA exhibition!: 20 x 16, 16 x 20, 16Wide x 20High, 16H x 20W, my print is 11 x 14, and other permutations. Please enter outside mat dimensions as 20W x 16H as in this example.

Prints will be accepted as follows. First, members will be divided into three groups. Group A consists of members who have not exhibited at CSMA in October of 2016 nor in the recent exhibit at the Avenue 25 Gallery in San Mateo. Group B consists of members who have exhibited in only one of those two exhibitions. Group C consists of those members who have exhibited in both of those exhibitions. Images will be accepted in the following order:

  • Group A, priority 1
  • Group B, priority 1
  • Group C, priority 1
  • Group A, priority 2
  • Group B, priority 2
  • Group C, priority 2
  • And so forth

We anticipate that we will be able to accept all images of a given Group and priority. If not, a subjective call will be made based on compatibility of the images with those images already accepted.

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