PACC Member since 05/02/2015

Currently volunteers with the Club as Officer - Treasurer
My images display the abundance of spring and summer harvests. Strong shapes, textures, and vivid colors in images enhanced by lighting, provide the viewer with a sense of timeless taste.

As a child I worked in my grandmother’s garden and was enamored with being able to garner my own food. Potatoes were shoveled out of the dirt, placed into baskets, and then turned into mashed potatoes by my beautiful grandmother. Plums, apples, and pears grew on her trees. And the fresh peas burst from their pods into our mouths. My childhood memories propel me to seek the farmers who grow our food. I love to see the locally grown produce come and go from the farmer’s markets each week, season by season. I specialize in shooting food commercially and for fine art exhibits.

I enjoy this club immensely because I can constantly learn and be inspired by every member.

My favorite equipment
Nikon D850, D810

Portfolio selection

  • A Rainbow Forest
  • Alium Kaleidoscope
  • Summer's Passion
  • Kiwi Cloud
  • Summer #2
  • Palo Peppers
  • Heirloom Squash #1
  • 9 Oranges of Fresno
  • Roots

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