PACC Member since 5/2/2015

Currently volunteers with the Club as Officer - Treasurer
I create art with food and then photograph it in an evocative manner, thus creating an inspiring experience for the viewer. My presentations are inspired by the works of artists and chefs. It is a celebration of food as it nourishes the mind and body.

I am an award winning chef who graduated 2nd in my class from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. I have won numerous awards with my photographs. I am currently enrolled in the Post Baccalaureate Visual Art Certificate Program with UC Berkeley Extension.

I enjoy this club immensely because I can constantly learn and be inspired by every member.

Judy Doherty, BS, PC II

My favorite equipment
Nikon D810, iPhone 7.

Portfolio selection

  • Summer #1
  • Spring Has Sprung
  • Summer #2
  • Fresno Spring #2 Rainbow Chard Forest
  • Summer Tree Fruits
  • Tomato Salad
  • Farm to Table
  • Dancing Hotties
  • Peaches
  • Persephone's Feast
  • Spring Cloud

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