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Currently volunteers with the Club as Chair - Print
My dad was a home movie fanatic in the days of 16mm and 8mm film, so I learned about aperture and film speed at an early age. My first still camera, at about age 9, was a lime-green plastic box (120 format) that I won on the boardwalk in Keansburg, NJ. I mostly used it to document family vacations, and travel photography remains one of my greatest interests today. Serving on the yearbook staff in high school gave me the opportunity to take a lot of pictures (with a school-provided TLR), and to edit photos for publication in the pre-Photoshop era. I did a little bit of B&W darkroom work in my college years, and I occasionally used 35mm rangefinders and SLRs, but my interest in photography didn't really take off until the digital age. At first I was mainly interested in scanning and printing my 35mm slides, so I learned about a lot about Photoshop before I actually had a digital camera. Today I shoot almost exclusively mirrorless. I find that I'm taking the camera along with me far more that I did with my DSLRs, due to the smaller size and lighter weight.

I'm a retired computer engineer. My most recent job was designing part of the image processing pipeline for smartphone cameras.

My main interests are nature, landscape, and travel photography. I've also done a little underwater shooting, mostly macro.

My favorite equipment
I've been shooting Micro 4/3 since 2013.

Portfolio selection

  • The Fruit Lady, Trujillo, Peru.
  • Shooting the Sunset
  • Our Team
  • Family of Four on a Motorbike
  • Statue of Naveen (becoming a citizen)
  • Yosemite Falls
  • Wire Coral Gobies
  • Drops of Jupiter
  • Big Basin Stream

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