Competition Categories

The competition categories described below have been established for the following reasons:
  • Club members can see their photographs grouped into categories based on subject matter.
  • Competition photos are easier to judge on an objective basis if the subjects are similar and the criteria within a category are consistent.
  • Categories encourage members to take different types of photos and to enter them into the club’s various competitions.
When you enter a photo into a specific category, you are asking that your photograph be judged according to the definition of that category.
All categories include the following unless explicitly stated otherwise in the definition of a specific category:
  • Images may be in Color or Monochrome.
  • Information in the category description pertains to the primary subject of the photo.
  • Post processing is permitted but may be limited in certain categories.
  • Any family friendly title is acceptable. It should be noted that titles are considered a part of the image and may influence a judge either positively or negatively.
  • In post production, do not add your name, copyright, watermark, image title, URL, or any other identifying text to the image itself.
Judging criteria
All photographs will be judged on visual interest, how well they portray the subject, fit to category definition, technical excellence (both in camera and post processing) and original or personal interpretation of the photographer. Additional judging criteria may be specified for specific categories as needed and the print or digital chair will keep the images appropriate for the audience.
First, second, and third place, with HM’s as appropriate, are awarded for each monthly competition category. In addition to these category awards, one maker receives an image of the month award.
Images in the Open category have no subject, technique or post processing restrictions. Images that could be legitimately placed in a different category are equally acceptable in the Open Category. Images will be evaluated on visual impact, artistry, composition, technical excellence and how well they use the photographic medium as an art form.
Examples of Open images
Images in the Architecture category show buildings or other person made structures such as bridges and dams, etc. We are not including man made objects such as cars, trains, statues, artwork, etc.
Examples of Architecture images
Images in the creative category are produced through the use of imaginative skill or originality of thought. No image will be eliminated simply because it looks realistic. The creativity may occur in setting up the scene, capturing the image, in post production or any combination thereof. Your photograph will be judged primarily on originality of concept and/or use of a creative technique/style.
Examples of Creative images
Images in the Fauna category show live animals. This category includes all of the creatures in the Animal Kingdom — wild, domestic and pets. Examples include, among others; mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects, birds, mollusks and arthropods.
Examples of Fauna images
Images in the Flora category show plants including fungi, lichens, and other living (or once living) things that are not in the Animal Kingdom. In each case the primary subject must be the plant (not, for example a landscape that happens to have some trees scattered around).
Examples of Flora images
Images in the Natural Landscape category show natural spaces. In this context the word Landscape extends to Seascape, Countryscape, Moonscape, Starscape, or any other naturally occurring physical ‘scape’ that enters the lexicon. Incidental appearances of man made objects (E.G., fence, trail, telephone pole or wire, etc.) do not disqualify images from this category.
Examples of Natural landscape images
Images in the Photojournalism category tell a news story, such as found in news media and periodicals. PJ images include documentary, spot news, sports, contemporary life, human interest, humor, event documentation and many others. Photographs in the PJ category are meant to illustrate a story and show truthfully what was visible at the time the image was taken.
Manipulations or modifications that misrepresent the true situation are not allowed. Post processing is limited to cropping, contrast, minor tonal and color adjustments to more accurately show the scene as it looked when photographed.
Examples of Photojournalism images
Images in the Portrait category show a person or small group of people either isolated or in context of a place. Portrait photographs may be candid shots or highly controlled studio shots or anything in between.
Examples of Portrait images
Images in the Travel category show a travel destination. Images should convey the feeling of a time and place and portray a land its distinctive features, people, customs or culture in its natural state. A travel image has no geographical limitations.
Examples of Travel images
Images in the Special Theme category adhere to a unique description that will be different each time the category is used. This category presents club members with a specific photography challenge. Special Theme categories encourage club members to stretch photographic capabilities (for example, trying out a new artistic technique and/or a new technical skill or shooting new subject matter). Some Special Theme categories may be tightly defined and others may be more loosely defined. Special theme images may be new photos taken specifically for entry or may be found images previously-taken.
   Digital      January    Iconic Places
   Print      February    Rain
   Digital      March    Night
   Print      April    Field Trip
   Digital      May    Emerging Artist
   Print      June    Bokeh
   Digital      July    Silhouette
   Print      August    Birds
   Digital      September    In Your Space
   Print      October    Wide Angle
   Digital      November    Monochrome
   Print      November    Insects
 Examples No Examples