Group Conversations

Once a month, PACC organizes group conversations or workshops, alternating between

  • “Print Conversation” for printed images
  • “Member Image & Lightroom Workshop” for digital images

Check the Calendar of Events for dates and location of those meetings and for the respective image format (Print or Digital).

General format of the conversation meetings


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These meetings are design to provide
  • An opportunity for members to show images and work in progress and get feedback from other members
  • An opportunity for members to learn directly from the makers through discussion
  • An opportunity to practice and develop the ability to describe, question, analyses and appreciate images through language
  • For digital images, an opportunity to experiment with different ideas in real time during the meeting
  • A chance to get some training in mini presentations and workshops on various subjects
  • An opportunity to get to know better other members, especially new members
Members are encouraged to bring in images (prints or digital depending on the meeting) for informal critique by attending members. The goal is to both allow the maker to share more about the image than is possible at our competition evenings, and for those attending to provide constructive feedback and suggestions for possibly improving the image and in the case of digital actually trying some of those suggestions in real time. This is not necessarily for showing your best as in competitions, but for showing images that you like but are unsure of and wish input on. From past experience this type of interaction can be of value not only for the presenter but for others members who may have similar questions about their own images and how to improve them. Each member is encouraged to bring 1 or 2 images (any category). Presenters will briefly (1-2 min.) state why they chose the subject, how they captured and edited it, and questions for which they wish help. With the help of moderators this will be followed by open discussion with members in the audience. Each image presentation will last about 5-10 minutes at the most, depending on the number of entries. These images can be those previously entered in competition for which you wish another opinion, or new images. One to three digital images may be brought to the meeting on a pocket USB drive, formatted such that Windows can read it, and can be in any standard format readable by Adobe Lightroom, including RAW.  For post production experiments during the meeting RAW images work better in most cases.  Plan to arrive early so our Digital Chair has time to enter the files on our laptop.

Print vs. Digital

The conversation events alternate between Prints and Digital images. One month the meeting focuses on Prints, while the following focuses on Digital images. Check the Calendar of Events for dates and location of those meetings and for the respective image format (Print or Digital). This is an opportunity to get feedback on printed images. It’s also an opportunity to learn more about what a printed image is all about and how it can serve your own photography intents. Discussions may include a featured speaker who shows his artistic vision for prints and discussions them with the audience who can ask questions. Everyone is invited to bring one or two printed images to the discussion. Each member can come in front of the audience and explain why they decided to shoot and edit their image in a particular way, along with what they might want help on for their image. The audience will provide feedback and a casual discussion will develop. This is a great way to show off a new print or to ask for help with your prints. It is an excellent forum for new and old members. You do not need to bring a print to participate in the evening. Any print can be brought for discussion at the Print Conversation. This ranges from small to large, mounted or non mounted, any subjects, beginner or advanced, low to high quality printout, any paper, etc No need to sign-up, this is a walk-in prints event.

Member Image & Lightroom Workshop (Digital)

This is an opportunity to get feedback on digital images and experiment with suggested changes as well as get some tips and tricks with Adobe Lightroom. The meeting is facilitated/moderated and is conducted in sections: Image Review and Lightroom workshop.  All members may present images in as many of the segments as desired on any particular night. Image preparation and submission – Images should be brought to the meeting on a USB flash drive (aka “thumb drive) using any standard file format that can be imported into Lightroom (e.g., JPG, PSD, TIFF, CR2, DNG, NEF, etc.).  If your camera model is new, say released in the last 4 to 6 months, please don’t bring RAW files from that camera as we may not have updated Lightroom yet to include that camera model yet.  Please assure that the thumb drive is formatted with the FAT32 structure so that Windows can read the drive.  The images will be projected using the Club laptop and an HD projector.  Although the image sizing is pretty flexible it’s best to being the largest image size you have available.  Use any file names you desire. When you arrive at the club meeting (try to come early to allow time to upload the images), hand the thumb drive to the facilitator and tell him/her the priority (1, 2 , 3, or Other) of each image as they are being uploaded from your thumb drive.   Depending on volume we may or may not have time for all priorities. Image Review Section  – In the image review section of the meeting we show one image at a time, giving a chance for the maker to say a few words about the image, and for members to discuss the image and provide feedback.  As suggestions are made, where practical, we will attempt to actually make those changes using Adobe Lightroom in real time to see how it affects the image.  Each member may bring one or more images to the meeting for this segment.  When images are uploaded into the club computer, the maker will be able to place one image in each of 3 groups (group 1, group 2, group 3) and any remaining images will  go into group “other”.   Images will be shown and discussed randomly within each group.  We will always get to see and discuss all images in group 1 however depending on the number of images and time we may or may not get to the other groups.  For group 2 and 3, if we start the group we will discuss all images in that group.    There is no need to pre-register images for this section of the meeting. Body of Work (or BOW) – When requested 1 member may present a collection of 3 to 12 images that relate to each other in some meaningful way which makes the collection of images stronger than the sum of the individual images.  In this segment, the maker gives a short introduction to the body of work.  Then the images are shown one by one with optional comment by the maker.  We then show the entire collection all at once in a grid at which time a conversation about the images and the collection is conducted among those present.   We do not do real time experiments with these images.  If you are interested in presenting a BOW, please email the Digital Chair (currently Dan Hartford – and you will be notified if the requested slot is open and if so special instructions will be emailed to you. Lightroom Workshop – We will allocate around half of each meeting to be a training session on one or more topics in Lightroom.  The topics will vary from month to month but will mostly revolve around the Library and Develop modules.  Suggestions ahead of time are encouraged (send email to or directly to the current Digital Chair Person).  The level of the training will vary depending on topic but in most cases will be applicable to newer users of Lightroom but in many (most?) cases will also be useful for more experienced users. Questions and suggestions are welcome.