Membership Payment

PACC uses PayPal for membership payments. PayPal also supports credit card payments.

There are 2 membership options:
● 12 month recurring membership (automatically renews after 12 months)
● One time 12 month membership (expires after 12 months)
12 month recurring membership
● This is the PACC preferred membership option.
● Your 12 month membership auto renews at the 12 month subscription anniversary.
● You can stop the auto renewal setting at anytime through PayPal.
Non Palo Alto residents
Palo Alto residents
12 month one time membership
● One time 12 month membership.
● Automatically expires after 12 months.
● Needs to be renewed at the end of the 12 months period.
Non Palo Alto residents
Palo Alto residents
Additional donation welcome!
Enter the amount you want to donate after clicking the "Donate" button.
ex: $5, $10, to $50 or more
The Palo Alto Camera Club uses , a secured third party service for online payment.

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