FAQ #01
Q: How do I find out which events are scheduled this month, or which categories are eligible for competition evenings?
A: Calendar of events

FAQ #02
Q: Where can I learn about the rules for defining various categories such as nature, travel, creative & photojournalism?
A: Subject Categories

FAQ #03
Q: How can I obtain an updated membership roster to contact another club member?
A: The current membership roster can be found under the ‘For Members’ tab, listed as ‘PACC Roster’

FAQ #04
Q: Is there a mentoring program or opportunity to get informal feedback on my images or help me prepare to enter competitions?
A: Yes – Mentoring Program

FAQ #05
Q: How can I get help in learning how to cut window mats?
A: See Mentoring Program pages

FAQ #06
Q: How do I setup and maintain my profile page?
A: All members have a public profile. The public profile page can be edited using the options available under the main navigation menu section named “For Members > My Profile

FAQ #07
Q: How can I get help in learning how to cut window mats?
A: Presenting images – guidelines

FAQ #09
Q: What is the maximum number of entries allowed per category in PACC competitions?
A: Check the print and digital guidelines

FAQ #10
Q: Can I recycle my print mats?
A: Yes

FAQ #11
Q: Where can I find the labels to add to the back of the prints during print competition?
A: Submitting print data to our server before competitions yields a print-ready sheet of data labels. Guidelines here

FAQ #12
Q: I lost my name tag. How can I get a new one?
A: You can print your very own name tag from this website. It’s located under the main menu option named “For Members > Print Name Tag

FAQ #13
Q: Where can I find the rules for the Annual Competitions?
A: Annual Competition

FAQ #15
Q: Where can I find out about field trips
A: Check our Field Trips calendar. Suggestions for new places are welcome!

FAQ #16
Q: Does the club have a list of knowledgeable members to whom I can submit questions about photography, digital imaging, etc.?
A: Submit question to our Yahoo PACamera Discussion Group on the web, or visit our Mentoring Program page

FAQ #17
Q: I’m not happy with the judge’s assessment of my image. How can I get another opinion?
A: Re-enter your image at a future club competition

FAQ #18
Q: Where can I find out how to contact club officers or committee chairs?
A: Check the Club Officers and Committee Chairs page

FAQ #19
Q: I’d like to participate in print competitions, but I’m not yet ready to make my own prints and mats. Where can I order digital prints and precut mats/mounts online?
A: Check the Preparing Images for Competition guidelines

FAQ #21
Q: Where can I find out which educational programs have been held?
A: The list of programs can be found there

FAQ #22
Q: Can I re-enter images at a subsequent competition?
A: The same image may be entered on more than one occasion (provided it has not received a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place award). It may be entered in the same or different (but suitable) category

FAQ #23
Q: Where can I find out about private galleries in the Bay Area that feature fine art photography?
A: On our Museums & Galleries page

FAQ #24
Q: What is the club’s policy about displaying and protecting member images on the website?
A: Check our Digital Image Use Policy

FAQ #25
Q: How do I join the PACamera Yahoo! Group
A: In order to receive club announcements and participate in online discussions with other club members it is necessary for each new member to sign up for our Yahoo PACamera Group. If you do not have a Yahoo ID, go to and complete the registration form. (Skip this if you already have a Yahoo ID.) Once you have a Yahoo ID, just log in using your ID and Password, and then click On that page look for the link to Join this Group and folow thru as directed. For ‘Email delivery’ you may choose either ‘Individual Emails’ or ‘Daily Digest’. Although the latter option minimizes the number of emails you receive, it does not allow you to view images or HTML text contained in the body of the message. Once your application is approved by our Yahoo group administrator (usually within 1 day) you will receive announcements, and be able to access messages and participate in discussions. If you have questions contact the Webmaster at the email address below

FAQ #26
Q: I’m unable to login to the competition server for making entries in a competition
A: This usually happens to new members who have waited some time before deciding they’re ready to enter a competition. And it usually happens just before the deadline of Monday 11:59pm, when it can be a challenge to get immediate answers. To begin with, all new members are automatically assigned a Login Name or Password within a few days joining the club. It is ESSENTIAL that this information (or the email) be saved for future reference. If this has not been done, and the interval between joining and trying to enter a competition is long, it is easy to understand how the info would be lost/forgotten.
We suggest that all members who have not yet entered a competition dig up their Login Name and Password and try to login NOW, just to verify that they have the info and are able to login. If you can login, all’s well and you can leave the website.
The link for uploading to the server is entitled “Upload Photos for Competition”, and can be found in the ‘Most useful links’ list in the upper right corner of our website link below my name). If you are unable to login you will usually see an option to retrieve this info (entitled “Forgot your Login/Password?”). Provided your email address has not changed since the login list was created, clicking this link should send an automatic email with this info to your address on file within minutes. If you do not, it’s probably because your email address is no longer current, and then click the email link on that web page, which takes you directly to Dany Suk, who is on call 24/7 for emergencies like this.
Again, doing this verification now rather than just before a competition will save untold hours of misery for everyone. Here’s the login link:

FAQ #27
Q: How can I share an announcement about an award or exhibit I have been honored with?
A: Our club is fortunate to have many excellent photographers who are active participants in local and national/international competitions, and frequently receive awards and/or are exhibited in galleries. And we have always encouraged club members to keep us informed about their photographic honors. Publicizing these honors is usually done in one or two ways:
  • Email announcements to the membership via our Yahoo PACamera Group. This can be done either directly by the member or by emailing the webmaster. The email address for the Yahoo site is and is worth adding to your address books
  • Posting on the home page of our website – in the ‘Members in the News’ section. Such displays are an excellent way of showcasing our high-quality work to prospective members who visit the site.
In general, members who wish to have their honors posted should send Submissions Chair both a representative thumbnail image (about 500 pixels wide) AND a link to the website of the organization bestowing the honor (for more details, such as dates of exhibit, reception, etc.) The one exception is honors bestowed by the Pacific Art League. In that case, send the same information to Judy Doherty.

One last word. Although we try to keep on top of competition announcements and announce them to the membership it’s not possible to know about all the good ones. We encourage all members who learn about a competition that may be appropriate for our club members to either announce it (by copying the link) in an email to our Yahoo group, or to let the webmaster know so that one of us can do it