PACC Mentoring Program


To assist new members in getting ‘up to speed’ so that they may improve their photographic skills, acquire self-confidence and participate in print and digital image competitions, we have set up a mentoring system. Members who are willing to share their knowledge and skills in various aspects of photography have offered to meet personally with new members in need of help. Areas being offered include:
  • Critiquing member images
  • Advice on use of equipment
  • Matting and mounting of prints
  • Calibration of monitors
  • Digital photography editing software (Photoshop, Lightroom, etc)
  • Other…
  • New members wishing help may contact a mentor to arrange a meeting at a mutually convenient place and time.

How does the mentoring program work?

If you would like help in one of the areas listed on the Mentor List, you may contact any of mentors on the list who have skill in that area (indicated by the numeral “1” in list). If you aren’t sure which mentor to contact, or if you want help of any kind with regard to mentoring, contact the PACC Membership Chair. Notes:
  1. Members (‘mentees’) who want help can contact a mentor directly or contact the PACC Membership Chair
  2. .
  3. We can always use more good mentors. If interested, let the PACC co-president know which of the above skills you can offer.
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