Annual Competitions

What is the Annual Competition?

The annual competition is actually 3 competitions in one:
  • Digital images
  • Printed images
  • Anne MacKenzie Fine Art Award (Prints entered in annual print competition are automatically entered in Anne MacKenzie Contest)


In each category, there will be awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places and, depending on the number of images entered in that category, some Honorable Mention awards.  In addition the best of the first place images in the print and also in the digital competitions will be awarded the coveted Image of the Year award (one for the print competition and one for the digital competition).  The maker of each of the two Image of the Year awards will receive a check for $100.

The Anne MacKenzie competition will have one award which will accompanied by a check for $200.

How do I participate in the competition?

Any member with an active membership can enter images to the annual competition. Register the images you want to submit to the print and the digital competition, before midnight on December 31st, using the following web page:

How many images can I submit?

You can submit up to 10 print images AND up to 15 digital images.

There is also a per category limit of no more than 3 images in any one category per competition (e.g., you could enter 3 Landscape prints as well as 3 Landscape  digital images)

Can I submit the same image in different categories?

No. One image can only be submitted under a single category in each competition.  However, you could enter the same image in both digital and print in either the same or different categories.

When can I register my images?

Images you want to submit to the annual competition can be registered at anytime during the month of December. You can also return to the site and edit the submissions (delete, rename, change categories, etc) as often as you want until 12/31.

Which images are eligible?

  • Any image that you created is eligible and can be submitted
  • There is no requirement for images to have been previously submitted to monthly PACC competitions
  • There is no restriction as to when images were created (they don’t have to be images from this year)
  • A print or digital image that won any award (1st, 2nd or 3rd place) in a previous PACC Print or Digital annual competition cannot be entered in any subsequent annual competition.
  • A print that won any award in a previous Anne MacKenzie competition is not eligible for subsequent Anne MacKenzie competitions.

How do I submit my images?

All images for the Digital and Print competitions need to be submitted through the PACC competition website:

  • Select one of the categories starting with “Digital – “ to enter an image in the Digital Competition.
  • Select one of the categories starting with “Print – “ to enter an image in the Print Competition. All images submitted for the print competition will automatically be entered into the Anne MacKenzie Fine Art Competition (unless it won a previous Anne MacKenzie award).  Note that you need to also upload a digital version of the submitted prints. This is used for reference purposes. Those digital versions of your print images will not be entered in the digital competition.

What are the categories?

  • The categories are the same ones we used during the monthly competitions, except that there are no Special themes.  A description of these can be found here:
    (Menu: For members -> Competition -> Categories)

How do I prepare my prints?

  • As with the monthly competitions, mounting is optional, but is recommended to avoid damage to your prints. If you decide to do so, securely mount your prints using the usual mats/backing used in the monthly print competitions.
  • Prints maximum external dimension: 20 in x 24 in. Larger sizes cannot be handled by the club volunteers during large competitions
  • Do not use any hard mounting such as metal prints, metal or wood frames, etc.
  • Generate a cover sheet by clicking the “Print manifest” button
  • Generate a new set of labels, and affix them securely on all four sides to the top left corner of the back of each print.
  • Prints will be returned at the end of the awards night.  If you will not be in attendance that evening, please make alternative arrangements with the Print Chair for return of your prints.

When and where do I bring my prints?

  • The date and location for dropping off your prints will be communicated per email. Prints need usually to be ready before mid January.
  • Dedicated drop boxes will be setup to deposit your images.
  • No personal portfolios, boxes, envelopes or other containers will be accepted. All submitted images will be carried to the location of judging and back in the mentioned club drop boxes.
  • If you have a schedule conflict for the drop day, please coordinate with another club member who can bring the images on your behalf.

When do I know if I won something?

The annual competitions is usually judged toward the end of January. This is a “private” event only attended by the judges and the Club volunteers. Winners are announced at the Club Award evening ceremony in February where winning digital, print, and Anne MacKenzie award images will be shown and awards presented.  Our judges will be encouraged to be on hand to offer comments pertaining to their selections.

What is the Anne MacKenzie Award for Fine Art Photography?

In addition to the usual awards in each category including Print and Digital Images of the Year, there will be a special cash award of $200 in memory of member Anne MacKenzie who passed away in February 2008. This will be given to the club photographer whose print (any category) in the annual competition best illustrates originality and a creative vision, as determined by a separate judge who is a recognized fine-art photographer. During Anne’s 15-plus years in the club, she was an unwavering advocate for photography that conveyed these attributes. She had a very positive influence on many of the club members, which contributed greatly to the club’s reputation for high artistic quality. Her comments on this subject are well worth reviewing. All prints entered in the annual print competition will automatically be entered in the Anne MacKenzie competition (except for previous Anne MacKenzie competition winners), and there is no other way to enter a print in the Anne MacKenzie competition.


If you have questions, please send an email to