PACC Member since 2009

Currently volunteers with the Club as None
Photography provides a wonderful means for bringing out whatever creativity lies within me. I try not to second guess or edit it as it flows to the surface.
The mannequin in the images below, I found in a junk yard. She was, and is, in accord with a Japanese Wabi-sabi world view...beautifully imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. My intent with these images is to combine this mannequin's Wabi-sabiness with my photography and create images that are beautifully imperfect, that, in accord with other Wabi-sabi characteristics of roughness, simplicity and intimacy, together suggest, perhaps shout, impermanence.

My favorite equipment
Canon 5D Mark ll, Canon G1X, plastic lens Holga and iPhone

Portfolio selection
I'm working on it.

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