Officers & Contact Information

Our club is run by volunteer members

We attribute the success and vitality of our club to hard-working and enthusiastic volunteers. Sharing the workload of many of the offices has reduced the burden for individuals.

We have two co-Presidents backing each other up. They serve overlapping two-year terms, with the one just coming into office being guided by the one going out of office.

Most committee chair positions are also shared by two persons.  Names of Officers and Committee Chairs are listed below.

We hope that once you become acquainted and comfortable in our club, you will find one of the positions attractive and want to participate.  As many of us have learned, when you become part of the ‘ownership’ you enjoy it even more.

Contact information

If you have questions regarding the Palo Alto Camera Club, you can send inquiries by email.

Note: commercial solicitations and spam will be ignored.

Note: The “at” sign in the emails below is a picture not a character so if you cut and paste the email address, you will need to type the “at” sign.

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Current Club Directors and Volunteers

Volunteer Role First Name Last Name
Past Co-President Stan Chism
Officer – Treasurer Judy Doherty
Officer – Secretary Marie Hetherington
Officer – Co-President Jim Colton
Officer – Co-President Richard Mirabella
Chair – Special Programs Linda Chin
Chair – Print Joe Petolino
Chair – Membership Jennifer Fraser
Chair – Judge Selection Marie Schmitt
Chair – Digital Dan Hartford
Assistant – Webmaster Howard Larsen
Assistant – Webmaster Bob Stillerman
Assistant – Special Programs Jan Cheung
Assistant – Digital Michael Goldstein
——————- Allan Colby