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Image by Wright Schickli Accepted as Finalist for Art Collide Exhibition

Ellen Gilkerson | Published on 4/11/2024

Constrained, an image by PACC member Wright Schickli, was accepted as a finalist in Art Collide’s Aesthetic Anomalies 2024 Exhibition.  The call for entry beckoned artists to traverse the realms of the unexpected and the unconventional, reveling in the beauty found within the irregular, the peculiar, and the strikingly unique.  Art Collide sought anomalies that defy conventional standards of aesthetics, urging participants to unveil the captivating allure concealed beneath the surface of ordinary perception, whether through surreal landscapes, abstract compositions, experimental photography, or innovative mixed media expressions.

Wright says:  I captured this image in 2021 on a Small Group outing in San Francisco with Chris S, Bob F, and Wei Ping.  I found the reflection in the building very odd; somehow it made the building not look real – but it was actually what I saw, and fortunately what my camera also captured.  I thought King Kong must have been swinging or gripping the building for it to look the way it did.

MbrInNews 2024_04 Schickli Constrained
Wright Schickli:  Constrained

Art Collide is an innovative arts organization, hosting online art competitions and awards exhibitions.  Its mission is to empower artists and foster creativity by offering an inclusive space to share their visions.




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