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The History of the Palo Alto Camera Club

Palo Alto Camera Club

Past Co-Presidents

Founded in 1935, and co-sponsored by the City of Palo Alto, Division of Arts and Sciences, we are a group of serious amateur and some professional photographers interested in working together to enhance and broaden our photographic skills and artistic vision by:

• Showing our work at print and digital projection evenings for critique by an outside judge

• Learning from other members with similar interests

• Participating in special programs and field trips

• Participating in other opportunities or activities requested by members, such as group exhibits at local galleries/museums

Read about our Club history in three parts. The first document has been saved in its original form and describes our history from the beginning of the Club in 1935.

PACC History - 1935-1977

PACC History - 1990-2018

PACC History - 2019 Year in Review
Co-Presidents serve a two year overlapping term.
2019 - Michael Goldstein and Hilari Hardin
2018 - Rich Mirabella and Michael Goldstein
2017 - Jim Colton and Richard Mirabella
2016 - Stan Chism and Jim Colton
2015 - Phillip Caillioux and Stan Chism

The Year in Review

2019 Highlights by Michael Goldstein

• Annual Awards
• Monthly Competitions
• Multiple field trips
• Exhibitions, including our first at the Pacific Art League
• Lectures by Oliver Klink and Julieanne Kost
• Establishment of the Laurie Naiman Award
• Begin PACC website conversion

Read the complete 2019 Annual Report by clicking the button on the left.