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2020 Competition Category Changes

Dan Hartford | Published on 9/18/2019

The portrait category will remain in the rotation of standard categories as usual but each occurrence will be one of 2 flavors – Formal or Environmental.  As best as possible, each flavor will on average get equal exposure in both digital and print.



The conditions of the photo session in which the portrait was taken were chosen or created by the photographer or someone staging the shoot on behalf of the photographer with the photo session in mind rather than being a “found” situation.  For example: modifying the light by employing lighting devices (including reflectors); picking the location, setting, or time of day, in advance; selection of wardrobe, makeup, or hair styling; the use of props, Etc.  During the photo session the photographer, or others assisting the photographer, work with the model on pose and expression.

PORTRAIT (Environmental)

An environmental portrait captures a person within a specific environment such as a home, community, workplace, travel destination, or in quiet solitude.  The photo might be posed or the subject might be asked to move to a different spot, but it is not formally staged.  The resulting image should "tell a story" that goes deeper than a traditional studio portrait or headshot might go.

The existing “Architecture” category will be renamed and broadened to include anything person made.


Images in this category show buildings or other person made structures such as bridges, dams, and other infrastructure constructs.  It can also show smaller objects made by people such as household items, tools, machinery, cars, trains, statues, artwork, etc.  In essence the primary goal of the subject should be something made by people but where the image shows the skill and creativity of the photographer more so than a static representation of the object itself.