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Image by Peter Paluzzi has been selected to appear in the GSA 2021 calendar

Ellen Gilkerson | Published on 7/3/2020

PACC member Peter Paluzzi’s image, Columnar Basalt of Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland, has been selected to appear in the 2021 calendar published by the Geological Society of America (GSA).  Peter holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in geology and has been a member of the Society for many years.


Categories for the 2021 calendar include (1) Iconic Landscapes, (2) Abstract Images, and (3) Geologic Processes Past and Present.  Peter’s image fits well into both category 1 and category 3.


Peter explains:  The approximately 40,000 interlocking hexagonal and near hexagonal vertical columns of Giant’s Causeway are a result of the cooling process for Paleocene (66-56 MYBP) basaltic lava flows between Northern Ireland and Scotland.  This UNESCO World Heritage Site is on the north coast of Northern Ireland in County Antrim.  The name comes from Gaelic mythology and the legend of Irish Giant Finn MacCool.


The calendar will be published in or around September.  The GSA Store may be found at:

Columnar Basalt of Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland