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Images by Brandon Stauffer and Yumiko Ready Selected by the Praxis Gallery

Ellen Gilkerson | Published on 11/18/2022

Images by PACC members Brandon Stauffer and Yumiko Ready have been selected for inclusion in the  Motion > Blur Exhibition at the Praxis Gallery and Photo Arts Center in Minneapolis.

In most cases, photography is used to “freeze time” with a still image.  Motion in photography creates a paradox:  the image is a frozen moment in time but what is captured is an object that is a blur of motion – an apparent streaking, bending, distorting and /or movement of light and objects in the foreground or background of the image frame.  Blur can demonstrate the velocity of movement.  It can convey the emotional dimensions of the subject photographed, presenting dreamlike qualities by invoking the surreal and transitory nature of time passing.  Meteors streak across the sky; ghostly figures move through a room; the artist paints shapes with a light source.  These are some examples of how blur represents motion in time-lapse photography.


Praxis Gallery presents photographic art that demonstrates the fundamental qualities that make motion & blur a compelling element of contemporary photography.  The juror was Sandrine Hermand-Grisel, who was a laureate of the 2005 Prix Kodak de la critique photographique and currently spends most of her time discovering new talents and working on personal projects.

About his clean-looking image, Ribbons, Brandon says:  This a single-exposure ICM image that I shot in my backyard.  I love the simple elegance of the curvilinear forms.  I’ve taken thousands of ICM images over the past three years, and this image stands out as unique.  I feel tremendously lucky to have captured it.  The title is not very clever, but when I first saw the image, I immediately thought of ribbons twisting about in a gentle breeze.

MbrInNews 2022_11 Stauffer Ribbons
Brandon Stauffer:  Ribbons

And Yumiko says about her colorful image, Scooter and Mural:  I recently visited Portugal.  One of the things that I enjoyed there was the street art that are dotted around the different neighborhoods.  This image of a scooter passing by a large colorful mural was captured in Alfama District.

MbrInNews 2022_11 Ready Scooter
Yumiko Ready:  Scooter and Mural



Praxis Gallery and Photo Arts Center

  2637 27th Avenue South

  Minneapolis, MN 55406



The Motion > Blur Exhibition:

   December 17 – December 31 

   Opening reception:  Saturday, December 17, 6 to 8 PM  


Gallery hours:

   Tuesday through Friday:  By appointment

   Saturday:  12 PM to 5 PM during exhibitions

   Masks are required for those not fully vaccinated.