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Image by Allyson Ely Exhibited at Decode Gallery

Ellen Gilkerson | Published on 12/1/2022

An image by PACC member Allyson ElyInterior, Cement Storage Silo, Redwood City, 2022, is included in the current exhibition, Grayscale, at the Decode Gallery in Tucson.  From deep blacks, nostalgic grays, to brilliant whites, the genre relies on form, lines, and shape to tell a story.  As shades of gray continue to inspire photographic artists, Decode honors the art of black and white in this exhibition.  Holly Hart, a fine art photographer and founder/owner of Decode Gallery, was the juror.  The exhibition runs from November 12 through December 3.  The opening reception took place on Saturday, November 12.

Allyson says:  This image was taken inside a working, cement storage silo.  I’m captivated by this quiet world of shadows, dim light, unfamiliar machinery, and discarded equipment.  The juxtaposition of the productive with the abandoned gives this  place an otherworldly feeling.

MbrInNews 2022_11 Ely Cement
Allyson Ely:  Interior, Cement Storage Silo, Redwood City, 2022

Decode Gallery is located in a historic neighborhood near the Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson and is dedicated to giving fine art photographers the opportunity to show their work.





Decode Gallery:

  320 South Convent Avenue

  Tucson, AZ 85701

  (520) 369-2441


Grayscale Exhibition:

  November 12 through December 3

  Gallery hours:  Saturday, 12 to 4 pm

  Opening reception:  November 12, 5 to 8 pm