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Image by Allyson Ely Selected for The Chateau Gallery

Ellen Gilkerson | Published on 2/3/2023

Theatre of the Absurd, an abstract image by PACC member Allyson Ely, was selected by the The Chateau Gallery for inclusion in its In Dreams online-only exhibition, which will take place February 1 through March 1.  This image was one of thirty-nine selected from more than 750 submissions.


For its In Dreams exhibit, the Gallery solicited images that may at first seem bizarre or nonsensical, but can convey hidden meanings of thoughts, drives, or desires; images that make one stop and ask – am I dreaming?  These fascinating images may be seen at


Allyson says:  During the pandemic, I became fascinated by the layering of images that occurred when shooting through glass windows.  The reflections from behind me, superimposed on the physical objects inside the space, often resulted in highly abstract photographs such as this.  Titled Theatre of the Absurd, this image reminds me of a theater stage.

MbrInNews 2023_02 Ely Theatre
Allyson Ely:  Theatre of the Absurd

The Chateau Gallery, set in the heart of the Historic Old Louisville Preservation District, is a contemporary hybrid art gallery with a narrative as captivating as the artwork housed within its walls.  The building’s unique Chateauesque Victorian architecture lends credence to the gallery’s name, known informally as “The Chateau”.  The physical gallery is closed during its year-long renovation.





The Chateau Gallery:

  1230 South 3rd Street 

  Louisville, Kentucky 40203


In Dreams Exhibition:

  February 1 – March 1