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Images by Wright Schickli and Barbara Davidson Selected for The Chateau Gallery

Ken Fowkes | Published on 3/2/2023

Images by PACC members Wright Schickli and Barbara Davidson have been selected by the The Chateau Gallery for inclusion in its Spring 2023 online-only (as usual due to renovations) exhibition, which opened March 1 and continues through April 1.
Spring, the death of winter. Like life and death, so spring and winter.
The cycle is truly endless, and endless it should be.
When Persephone wakes from her slumber deep within the Underworld,
her heart yearns not for the cold, dead embrace of Hades
but for her mother, Demeter, and the mortal realm above.
When daughter and mother are reunited, the Earth erupts with ecstasy.

Show us the life spring gives, show us the warmth it brings,
above all, show us what spring truly means to you.

Wright / Emerging: I haven’t ventured far from home after the Pandemic, and have found solace in my backyard fauna and flora and my local neighborhood. I don’t always take just weird photographs🙂 I just try to capture what I see when I like what I see . . . and muted colors (not B&W) on this photo are a new adventure for me that I learned from some of my cool Small Groups that I should think keep us all inspired.
Emerging by Wright Schickli
Emerging by Wright Schickli

Barbara / The Last Summer: I’ve been exploring reflections on glass where the reflection and the image seen though the glass work together to create a complicated image that, hopefully, allows the viewer to explore their own inner space. The project started out being about flowers and aging but has ended up being more about the inner complexities of the reflections. Interestingly, I had not regarded this as a finished photograph and only submitted it to the exhibit because I paid for 3 submissions. Another reminder that we all see different things in every work.
The Last Summer by Barbara Davidson
The Last Summer by Barbara Davidson


The Chateau Gallery
  1230 S 3rd Street
  Louisville, Kentucky 40203

Spring 2023
  March 1st 2023 to April 1st 2023
  Online gallery: