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Image by Wright Schickli Selected by The Chateau Gallery

Ellen Gilkerson | Published on 4/3/2023

An image by PACC member Wright Schickli was selected by the The Chateau Gallery in Louisville for inclusion in its Americana online-only exhibition.  Apple Jacks was one of about three dozen images selected from more than 600 submitted by photographers from 18 countries.


Americana is an exhibition depicting the objects, people, places, history, and folklore of the United States of America.  The idea of Americana is subjective and is often influenced by nostalgia or stereotypes of American culture.  The ethos or guiding beliefs and ideals which have come to represent America, such as freedom and The American Dream, are central to the concept.

Wright says:  This is a scene I captured at Apple Jacks, the 150 or so year old bar on La Honda Road just down the road from Alice’s Restaurant.  I loved the black & white pit bull, the Budweiser sign, and the chair made from a tree stump that the dog (with B&W face like the Budweiser Ad dog from long ago) was sitting in with “Apple Jacks” engraved in the chair; I was almost afraid to take the photo, let alone go into the bar and explore more.  I thought this is true Americana which is about to be lost.

MbrInNews 2023_04 Schickli AppleJacks
Wright Schickli:  Apple Jacks

The exhibition opened on April 1 and runs through May 1.   You can explore the exhibition at


The Chateau Gallery, set in the heart of the Historic Old Louisville Preservation District, is a contemporary hybrid art gallery with a narrative as captivating as the artwork housed within its walls.  The building’s unique Chateauesque Victorian architecture lends credence to the gallery’s name, known informally as “The Chateau”.





The Chateau Gallery:

  1230 South 3rd Street 

  Louisville, Kentucky 40203


Americana Exhibition:

  April 1 – May 1