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Image by Wright Schickli Selected by Leica Fotografie International

Ellen Gilkerson | Published on 6/11/2023

Jed, an image by PACC member Wright Schickli, has been selected by the editorial team of LFI.Gallery (Leica Fotografie International) to be added to its online gallery as a Leica Master Shot.  According to the team, this image “now ranks among the very best photographs in the LFI Gallery and will be added to the gallery’s Leica Master Shots Collection”.

Wright says:  This is a photograph I captured of one of my scary neighbors sitting in his truck (like he does often) as the sun was going down one evening.

MbrInNews 2023_06 Schickli Jed
Wright Schickli:  Jed

LFI.Gallery is an online platform that enables users to share their photos with fellow photography enthusiasts around the world.  Although LFI.Gallery is not exclusively for Leica users, inclusion in the Leica Master Shots gallery is reserved for Leica photographers.





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