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Image by Wright Schickli Selected by the Praxis Gallery

Ellen Gilkerson | Published on 7/21/2023

Midtown Palo Alto, an image by PACC member Wright Schickli, has been selected for inclusion in the annual The Streets exhibition at the Praxis Gallery and Photo Arts Center in Minneapolis.

In The Streets exhibition, Praxis Gallery presents photographic art that explores the genre of street photography from all angles, including people, urban structure, and documentary subject matter.  Robi Chakraborty, a former commercial and press photographer who currently visits his native India to explore its different states and to photograph its people, culture, festivals and landscape, was the juror.

Wright says:  Midtown Palo Alto is one of a series of images I captured of a runaway Safeway shopping cart that landed in the Midtown CVS parking lot, and remained there for a few months.  The scene with the cart changed drastically over that time, although the cart itself never moved.   And I decided it was worth asking someone to move their car when they began to park there while I was trying to take this particular photo, as someone is almost always parked in front of this spot.

MbrInNews 2023_07 Schickli Safeway
Wright Schickli:  Midtown Palo Alto

The exhibition will be on the walls August 19 through September 2.  The opening reception will take place on Saturday, August 19, from 6 to 8 pm.  The current location of the online exhibition is:


Praxis Gallery and Photographic Arts Center is a non-profit community-based arts organization that aims to support the development of emerging photographic artists.  Praxis provides photographic exhibitions and learning opportunities that inform, challenge, and engage the individual artist, and promotes artists’ work to local and international audiences.  Workshops take place on-site and virtually:





Praxis Gallery and Photo Arts Center:

  2637 27th Avenue South

  Minneapolis, MN 55406



The Streets Exhibition:

  August 19 – September 2

  Opening reception:  Saturday, August 19, 6 to 8 PM

  Online gallery:


Gallery hours:

  Saturday:  12 PM to 5 PM during exhibitions 

  Tuesday through Friday:  By appointment – phone 612-345-5571