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Images by Wright Schickli and Allyson Ely Selected by Black Box Gallery

Ellen Gilkerson | Published on 7/29/2023

Images by PACC members Wright Schickli and Allyson Ely were selected for inclusion in the Vision:  Black and White On-Line Annex exhibition at the Black Box Gallery in Portland, Oregon.  For this Exhibition, the Black Box Gallery was looking for a diversity of photographic works and ideas, recognizing both the classic, nostalgic, and even the dynamic translation to B&W photography, as well as contemporary photography involved in this dialog of history and tradition.  The juror was Todd Johnson, director of the Black Box Gallery.  Twenty-four images were selected for exhibition in the gallery; and an additional thirty images were selected for the On-Line Annex Exhibition.  The in-gallery exhibition will take place August 1 to 20.

Wright says:  Flying A was captured in Niles, at the far east side of East Bay after you cross the Dumbarton Bridge, and before you hit the road to Livermore.  Niles is one of my favorite places – the gas is cheap there, and you never know what blast from the past you might encounter somewhere in town, on a back alley, in a thrift store, or on the sidewalk.  Just bring your B&W camera!

MbrInNews 2023_07 Schickli Truck
Wright Schickli:  Flying A 

About Ladder 2022, Allyson says:  My favorite of the images taken inside a cement storage silo, this simple ladder was propped against a wall, hidden in a dark corner and lit indirectly by an old fluorescent tube.  What captured my attention was the lovely shadow created by the light, almost as though the ladder was unfolded and ready to use.  I also like the highlights on the upper rungs and the barely visible detail on the ceiling above that mimics the ladder.

MbrInNews 2023_05 Ely Ladder
Allyson Ely:  Ladder 2022

Black Box Gallery is dedicated to the exhibition of contemporary photography.  Black Box’s juried international photo shows provide important opportunities for emerging and mid-career photographers.  Black Box supports and encourages the creative production, exhibition, and critical appreciation of contemporary photography.





Black Box Gallery

  811 East Burnside Street, #212

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