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Image by Wright Schickli Selected by The Chateau Gallery

Ellen Gilkerson | Published on 9/27/2023

Untitled, an image by PACC member Wright Schickli, was selected by The Chateau Gallery for inclusion in its Themeless online-only monthly exhibition.  Themeless is an exhibition exploring the concept of “themelessness,” a condition or state lacking a specific theme or subject matter.  In a themeless context, the interpretation and purpose of the captured image may vary from viewer to viewer, making the art of themelessness more subjective and open to contemplation.

Wright says:  This is a photograph of something I observed on one of my walks, a few blocks from my house.  I really liked how the hot afternoon sun was hitting it (although the white line appeared “burnt out”) and made this image look out of place, out of time, and in a where-the-heck-is-it location.  Fortunately, I came armed  not only with my camera, but also with my neutral density filter (thanks, Phil).  I tried to make it look mysterious… so that the Viewer wonders what this is and might be drawn into it as I was.  Themeless… I guess I succeeded With Some Help from My Friends at the PACC.  Thank you all!  

MIN asks:  When will Wright reveal what-the-heck-it-is?

MbrInNews 2023_09 Schickli Untitled
Wright Schickli:  Untitled

Set in the heart of Historic Old Louisville Preservation District, The Chateau Gallery is a contemporary hybrid art gallery with a narrative as captivating as the artwork housed within its walls.  The building’s unique Chateauesque Victorian architecture lends credence to the gallery’s name , known informally as “The Chateau”.


The on-line only exhibition will take place October 1 through November 1; honors will be announced during the exhibition.  The online exhibition of these wide-ranging images may be seen beginning October 1 by clicking on the following link and then selecting the Themeless exhibit button:





The Chateau Gallery:

  1230 South 3rd Street

  Louisville, Kentucky  40203



  October 1 – November 1 (Online Gallery Only) - then select Themeless (beginning October 1)