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Images by Allyson Ely and Wright Schickli Selected by the Southeast Center for Photography

Ellen Gilkerson | Published on 10/17/2023

Images by PACC members Allyson Ely and Wright Schickli were selected by the Southeast Center for Photography in Greenville, SC, for inclusion in its Contemporary Landscape ‘23 Exhibition.  The SE Center solicited images of the landscape, whether grand vistas or more personal, intimate treatments that make a statement – images that pull us in and make us want to explore.  Stephen Johnson, a member of the Photoshop Hall of Fame and a Canon Explorer of Light, was the juror. 

Allyson’s image, Flight, was selected for the in-gallery exhibition, which will take place November 3 to 25.  The exhibition can be seen at


Allyson says:  This was photographed from a window on the second tier at Fort Point.  I was struck by the thick fog hugging the pier, the shaft of light that illuminated one windsurfer, and the wonderful moment when all three surfers were upright and aligned.

MbrInNews 2023_10 Ely Flight
Allyson Ely:  Flight

Allyson’s image, Aggregates, and Wright’s image, Carpathian Hills, were among the 150 images selected for the online exhibition:  If you’re looking for Allyson’s, don’t give up – although the images are displayed alphabetically by last name, her image is between those of David Gardner and Jim Geitgey.

Allyson says:  Aggregates was taken from 135 feet above the pit with a 120mm lens and is an example of how an interesting photograph can be found in the most unexpected places.  I was attracted by the pronounced pattern, movement and coloration created in the aggregates by a backhoe loader moving in, out and around the pit.  When material is transported from one side to another and laid down, dumping the aggregates creates a precise, interesting pattern.
MbrInNews 2023_10 Ely Aggregates
Allyson Ely:  Aggregates

Wright says:  I captured this image this past summer during a small group outing just across the Dumbarton Bridge in Niles.  I was struck at how the lines of the abandoned car mimicked the East Bay foothills in the background.  I just made up the title, Carpathian Hills… I wanted something with the word ‘car’ in it.

MbrInNews 2023_10 Schickli Carpathian
Wright Schickli:  Carpathian Hills

The SE Center for Photography is an exhibition and educational venue promoting the art and enjoyment of fine photography.  It provides local, national, and international photographers of all skill levels the opportunity to have their work presented and enjoyed by collectors, curators, enthusiasts, and colleagues.





Southeast Center for Photography:

  116 East Broad Street

  Greenville, SC 29601



Contemporary Landscapes ‘23 Exhibition:

  In-gallery exhibition:

  Online exhibition:

  November 3 – 25 

  Gallery hours:  Wednesday – Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm