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Image by Allyson Ely Published in LensWork's "Light, Glorious Light" Book

Ellen Gilkerson | Published on 2/3/2024

Luminance, an image by PACC member Allyson Ely, was selected for inclusion in LensWork’s Light, Glorious Light 2023 community book project.  LensWork says that photography is a celebration of outstanding images of light that illuminates life.  Two hundred thirty images were selected of 2673 images that were submitted; each photographer whose work was selected for publication was limited to a single image in the book.

How did Allyson “discover” this image?  She says:  While visiting Fort Point, I was exploring one of the recessed areas on the 2nd floor, and was attracted by the serpentine pattern on the floor, shining softly in the dark.  Rain was blowing in from the open windows and settling on the floor.  Bright sun from a west window illuminated the pattern, creating a striking scene.  These are the unexpected moments that make photography so exciting and rewarding!

MbrInNews 2024_01 Ely Luminance
Allyson Ely:  Luminance

LensWork was founded by Brooks and Maureen Jensen in 1993.  In its 30-year history of publishing, LensWork has been a champion of the multi-image / small-project approach to fine art photography.  Beginning in 2024, LensWork will publish its magazine, including a print version, a tablet version, and a computer version, quarterly; a pdf-based monthly publication, LensWork Bonus Editions; and a biannual monograph.






Light, Glorious Light 2023:
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