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Suszi McFadden Wins Gold from The Portrait Masters

Ellen Gilkerson | Published on 3/4/2024

Gaia, an image by PACC member Suszi McFadden received a Gold Merit and was the Fashion Category Winner of The Portrait Masters International Awards and Accreditation program for January, 2024.  A Gold Merit winner displays excellence in all technical fields with outstanding creative communication and narrative.


The Awards & Accreditation program is part of The Portrait System, founded by Sue Bryce, an online education platform & community for contemporary portraiture, which connects photographers globally through live broadcasts, videos, in-person workshops, and The Portrait Masters annual boutique conference (now a part of WPPI).  The program acknowledges, honors, and celebrates high-quality professional work, and arms photographers with public recognition.


Submissions are open twice a year. An international panel of judges reviews all images for expression and connection, styling, composition, posing, lighting, overall technique and presentation, post-production, focus, and storytelling.


In this round, The Portrait Masters received 2,737 entries.  Of those, six images were awarded a Gold Merit.

Suszi says:  When the amazing Laura New Myers and I created this image, I knew immediately that it was something special.  But this recognition was beyond my wildest imaginings.  I was hoping for a Silver and a place in the Top 20, but even that was hard to fathom.  It is crazy to be recognized among such an elite group of worldwide portrait photographers.

MbrInNews 2024_03 McFadden Gaia
Suszi McFadden:  Gaia

You can see all of the categories' TOP 20 images here: 


Two of Suszi's other images, also of Laura, received a Bronze with Distinction and a Bronze. 


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